Carlisle Smooth Lawn Mower Tires

Carlisle Smooth Lawn Mower Tires Features and Benefits

  • The Carlisle Smooth lawn mower tire is designed for commercial mower applications where traction is not a consideration.
  • These tough tires withstand long hours of cutting yet leave little trace of their path.
  • The unique smooth tread design allows the operator to turn on a dime without scalping the turf.
  • Offers superior puncture protection and is one of the toughest smooth tires in the mowing industry.
  • Smooth tires are the most common offering for front caster tires on zero turning radius mowers.
  • An extremely popular tire on riding greens mowers, walk-behind mowers and front mowers.



8×3.00-4 13×5.00-6 18×9.50-8 24×13.00-12
9×3.50-4 13×6.50-6 18×10.50-10 11×4.00-5
4.80-8 20×10.00-10

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