Carlisle Turf Saver Lawn Mower Tires

Carlisle Turf Saver Lawn Mower Tires Features and Benefits

  • Carlisle Turf Saver lawn mower tires are one of the most popular lawn tires in the lawn care industry.
  • The Carlisle Turf Saver is the market leader for residential riding lawn mowers.
  • The Turf Saver tire is Original Equipment on a large variety of riding mowers and walk-behinds including John Deere, Toro, Sears, Exmark and Scag.
  • These turf tires have a broad shouldered tread design and provide excellent traction on turf and grass.
  • Carlisle Turf Saver tires are commonly used on garden tractors, walk-behinds, turf maintenance vehicles, golf carts, snow blowers and utility vehicles.

9×3.50-4 4.80-8 20×8.00-8 23×9.50-12
11×4.00-4 16×6.50-8 20×10.00-8  23×10.50-12
4.10-4 16×7.50-8 20×8.00-10 24×12-12
11×4.00-5 18×6.50-8 20×10.00-10
13×5.00-6 18×7.50-8 21×7.00-10
13×6.50-6 18×8.50-8 22×9.50-12  
15×6.00-6 18×9.50-8  23×8.50-12  

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