Flat Proof Lawn Mower Tires

Why Flat Proof Lawn Mower Tires?



Imagine this…

 No more equipment related downtime!

Unfortunately we can’t prevent mechanical breakdowns, but we CAN GUARANTEE NO MORE DOWNTIME DUE TO FLAT TIRES!

No more flats….No more tire related downtime costs….No more headaches!

Has this scenario happened to you?

Tire has  gone flat  ~  No spare on hand  ~  Search for tire or repair begins  ~  Crew and job on hold  ~  Tire not in stock  ~  Needs to be ordered  ~  Downtime costs escalate!

A $10.00 tire failure can cost you upwards of ten times that in downtime!

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Reliance, the NO-FLAT tire by Carlisle Transportation Products, gives commercial tire users the durability, ride, and security they require. This compound can handle the load and abuse of commercial use while the FLAT PROOF design eliminates costly down time. For use on commercial deck mowers, hand trucks, pressure washers, generators, paint sprayers, carts, and other waste handling applications.

When an “off the shelf” flat proof tire is not available, there is another solution available.  Introducing EcoFlex SoftFill, a patented polyurethane liquid that is pumped into the tire filling the entire cavity and cures into a soft rubber like material.  It cures within twenty four hours…the result is a 100% flat proof tire.

As advertised in “Turf Magazine”, EcoFlex SoftFill is used in many industries because it has a softness of 8 durometer- it actually rides like air!  Unlike other foam fills that are too hard on small to medium sized equipment, SuperFlex SoftFill is ideal because it:

  • Protects your tires
  • Protects your equipment
  • Protects your operator
  • Protects your productivity

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