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OTR Lawn Mower Tires

OTR lawn mower tires are golf and turf tires designed to minimize soil disturbance but also offer superb flotation.

 OTR GrassMaster Lawn Mower Tires

  • The OTR Grassmaster Lawn Mower Tire is designed with a high traction tread and long wear rubber compound.
  • Kubota’s original equipment tire choice for Kubota garden tractors, commercial mowers, zero turn mowers and sub-compact tractors.
  • Provide excellent traction while minimizing turf damage during sharp turns and cornering.
  • Performance proven and will easily satisfy the most demanding homeowner or commercial lawn care professional

OTR TracMaster Mower Tires: NOW CALLED LAWN TRAC

  • The OTR LAWN TRAC tire is a premium R-1 tire designed by OTR for small equipment.
  • Original equipment on Jacobsen, Kubota, Moridge(Grasshopper), SGC(Schiller) equipment.

The OTR LAWN TRAC features and benefits:

  • Herringbone tread design provides good traction in soft soil conditions.

          Benefit: the tire lugs bite effectively into soft or loose soil to provide excellent footing and grip.

  • Directional tread style with  lugs designed for excellent self cleaning properties.

          Benefit: sticky soil and mud fall away cleanly.

  • Tread lugs are also designed to be less aggressive on turf.

          Benefit: minimal turf disturbance.

  • Rim Guard is designed with heavy  side walls.

          Benefit: protects the rim flange and protects from side wall penetration.


OTR Litefoot Mower Tires

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